The pitfalls of analyzing cultures through the perspectives of etmic and etic

Language in relation to a unified theory of the structures of human behavior 2nd ed. A multiple case study of gay, lesbian, and bisexual college students.

HEADLAND found in a review of literature that "authors equate emic and etic with verbal versus nonverbal, or as subjective knowledge versus scientific knowledge, or as good versus bad, or as ideal behavior versus actual behavior, or as description versus theory, or as private versus public, or as ethnographic Edwards Deming and Joseph M.

Making sense of one other for another: Addressing Tensions Between the Emic and Etic For a qualitative researcher, "the challenge is to do justice to both perspectives during and after fieldwork and to be clear with one's self and one's audience how this tension is managed" PATTON,p. As I have explained in greater detail OLIVE,five of the six young individuals in my study never experienced what could clearly be defined as a stage of pride, nor had they gone through a period of time during which they experienced an "us versus them" mentality toward heterosexuals.

I've never just hung out with just gay people, or done just gay things. Assuming Nattiez is correct in his definition of emic, the question is, how do we know what the emic view is. A life history methodology was deemed the best choice for this study because it not only effectively captures the lived experience of an individual, it also serves as a means through which to create identity by giving voice, in narrative form, to those who are marginalized and whose stories often go untold TIERNEY, Research, policy, and personal development.

Ethnography and classroom communication: Unfortunately, upon doing so, the response I received from my family was far from positive and I experienced a great deal of emotional turmoil that same year as I struggled to rebound from a complete loss of my support system.

Well-adjusted people must integrate both good and bad parts of themselves.

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LETT defines etic constructs as "accounts, descriptions, and analyses expressed in terms of the conceptual schemes and categories regarded as meaningful and appropriate by the community of scientific observers" p. The data I obtained were subsequently analyzed through a grounded theory approach and three themes were identified that spoke to the participants' academic success.

Whose view is this. Academy of Management Review, 24 4Alternative Lifestyles, 1, This peer debriefing process was beneficial not only to my study, but also to me as a researcher in a number of ways and our discussions helped to shape the final product of my study.

Pike's innovation was to turn away from an epistemological debate, and turn instead to a methodological solution.

What is Emic and Etic Perspectives in Multicultural Counseling?

I did not, however, expect for portions of the process to be as personally challenging as they turned out to be. Etic knowledge may be obtained at times through elicitation as well as observation, because it is entirely possible that native informants could possess scientifically valid knowledge.

The scope of said culture can be quite broad—for example, a researcher may study the culture of an entire school system or just one building or one particular classroom or a small group of individuals who share a common characteristic.

Through subsequent conversations with these young women, I began to recognize how widespread this issue was at the postsecondary level. For marginalized populations, the construction of identity is a crucial first step in the process of eliminating hegemonic systems of power.

An example could be the phenomenon of sunrise: There are a number of techniques which can be used to address the tensions that may arise between emic and etic perspectives. The ethnography of communication 2nd ed. This is where we get the insider and outsider distinction. It is not made clear at all by the current article.

Life history and the postmodern challenge. YIN asserted, "[t]he descriptive process cannot fully cover all the possible events that could have been observed at a field setting. The physical universe itself makes no judgment—these phones are just one group of soundwaves and another group that are not physically identical.

The hormones that are released during puberty can be defined using an etic framework, because adolescents globally have the same hormones being secreted. Shortly after I "came-out" to my friends and family, I experienced a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that I was not heterosexual.

What I failed to account for at the beginning of my study were the myriad sublevels that may exist within each culture and the fact that, like humans, cultures evolve with time.

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When the time came for me to complete my dissertation, I knew that I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what enables some LGBQ students to succeed where others fail, and qualitative methodologies offered me with the best means by which to do so.

Ethnography and classroom communication: A multiple case study of gay, lesbian, and bisexual college students. However, as qualitative researchers, we owe it to our participants to strive for as near a perfect balance as is possible between the emic and etic perspectives. These two perspectives, while related, are totally opposite from one another.

Qualitative research from start to finish. Cock fighting is a perfect example of an emic study cultural context, cocks "masculinity" bestial nature of mythology semiotic analysis (metaphors, signs, processes) symbolic meaning.

An emic approach might be good for studying one culture in detail to learn how they perceive, act, or experience a product or service. On the other hand, an etic approach might be valuable when attempting to compare one or two characteristics across multiple cultures such as the use of make-up products or shoe purchasing behaviors.

Emic & Etic Approaches in International Research

By determining how cultures perceive this and other aspectsof the human condition. are examples of etic perspectives. emic perspectives. anthropologists. "masculinity/femiL see 1'). attitudes. frigid night in October and observed the action that douglasishere.comatelyfor lerpguage teachers.

becausethey apply to all cultures. Volume 15, No. 2, Art. 6 – May Reflecting on the Tensions Between Emic and Etic Perspectives in Life History Research: Lessons Learned.

James L.

Emic and etic

Olive. Abstract: I utilized a life history methodology in this study through which written and oral narratives were obtained from six postsecondary students who self-identified as Lesbian, Gay. The emic perspective is the insider’s perspective, the perspective that comes from within the culture where the project is situated—for example, gender perspectives There are two terms that I think all qualitative evaluators should know and take to heart: the etic and the emic.

Start studying Anthro Chapter 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. which studies society through sampling, statistical analysis, and impersonal data collection. the distinction between emic and etic perspectives does not apply to American culture.

False. 5. When studying a culture.

The pitfalls of analyzing cultures through the perspectives of etmic and etic
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