The origins of curling and the role of the grand caledonian curling club

Williamson Kinross ; and Messrs Simpson. We have referred to some of these contests—Midlothian against Tweeddale, and then against the Upper Ward of Lanark. The genial Duke of Athole had members round him in the "Star and Garter" at Liiilitlhgow on the night of the Grand Match there, and a merry night it was.

It was, however, to James Ogilvy Dalaleish, above all others, that the Grand Club was indebted for the framework of its first constitution. As the original photos were not donated to Falkirk Museums back inonly allowed to be copied, it is not possible to say exactly what the originals were like.

A target, the house, is centred on the intersection of the centre line, drawn lengthwise down the centre of the sheet and the tee line, drawn 16 feet 4.

After a bonspiel between Abdie and Balyarrow, when the two clubs had enjoyed their "beef and greens," Mr Dalgleish, who was in the chair, rose up, and called on the curlers to remember the poor. When minister of Dailly, that keen curling parish of which Ailsa Craig is an appropriate partthe Rev.

These have not, however, deterred the Royal Club from holding the annual meetings out of Edinburgh, and seeking to awaken interest in the club and in curling by visiting various important centres. There may well be other older photographs of Scottish curling awaiting discovery.

The first really national match was arranged, with the permission of Lord Abercromby, to come off on Airthrey Loch on the day of the Royal Club meeting at Stirling, January 3, Thirty-five rinks appeared from the North, and when thirty-five were drawn out from the South to meet them, a hundred Southern rinks were left over for the odd match.

History of Curling

Additionally, when a stone crosses the tee line, one player from the other team is allowed to sweep it. The pebbled ice surface resembles an orange peel, and the stone moves on top of the pebbled ice.

Stopwatches can be attached either to clothing or the broom. Of these chaplains, are ministers of the Church of Scotland, 23 are F. The free guard zone was originally called the Modified Moncton Rule and was developed from a suggestion made by Russ Howard for the Moncton cashspiel with the richest prize ever awarded at the time in a tournament in MonctonNew Brunswickin January It is evident that some of our old clubs have kept up the reputation which made them famous before the Royal Club was formed, [Notably Blairgowrie, which won 22 district medals out of 24 played for.

Cairnie, inin the Addenda to his Essay p. Most curling clubs have an ice maker whose main job is to care for the ice.

At the major curling championships, ice maintenance is extremely important. Below "13 " we have, of course, a good proportion of victories won with double figures; but the great majority of point medal winners attained their position, and were proud of it, with only one figure, while the average scoring of all players did not exceed 5 shots.

At the dinner held in the "Guildhall," Stirling, inthe chairman was the Hon. It was one of the first clubs to join the Grand Caledonian Curling Club. They come appropriately between the parish bonspiel and the Grand Match.

Beyond all this, our transactions are open to review by a general meeting of the club. Residing at Lindores, he could not fail to be fired with the enthusiasm of the Abdie curlers, who met on the lovely loch there.

Still, there were at dinner in the "Black Bull " there. Before the time of Mr Davidson Smith, three gentlemen had held the office as a double charge, Dr Renton having simply acted as temporary treasurer for two years.

Thirty-two members entered the competition, divided into four Rinks. As requested, I went to the Waterloo, and was rather surprised to learn that no apartment, either in what are properly called the Waterloo Rooms or in the Hotel, had been bespoke for the meeting advertised.

It was as the club extended its domain that the propriety and advantage of such a meeting became apparent. He saw the beneficial moral effects of curling on the community, and became a keen curler, not so much because of any selfish delight to be had in it, but because it was social, manly, and healthy.

That year a Sweeping Summit was arranged near Ottawa, Canada to address the rules of sweeping. If the red team scores three points in the first end called a three-ender. Intrusion by a foreign object is called a pick-up or pick. After prescribing foot-irons, when they heard the appeal of those brethren, who never felt that their "foot was on their native heath" unless it was in the hack, they gave way and allowed the hack to be used under certain conditions.

After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts, the healths of the Countess and Earl of Dunmore, the Earl and Countess of Southesk, and the Ladies Murray, were given with all the honours.

The initiatory meeting of Balruddery Curling Club took place in Balruddery House on March 10th under most encouraging auspices.

In international competition, each side is given 73 minutes to complete all of its throws. They then proceeded to business. Both the Queen and the Prince expressed surprise when informed as to the usual length of a rink, and appeared to imagine that it must require a very great degree of strength to propel the stones to such a distance.

Two firsts for the club occurred in the late 60s and early 70s. History. Kinross Curling Club is considered to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest club in the world. The Kinross Club played a very important role during the formation of the ‘Grand Club’ – later to become the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

The first US club, the Orchard Lake Curling Club, was founded near Detroit in By the late 's there were thriving curling communities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and New York. The US Women's Curling Association (USWCA) was founded inand the US Men's Curling Association (USMCA) in When the Grand Caledonian Curling Club was instituted in for the purpose “of regulating the ancient Scottish game of Curling by general laws” it was the four by two form of the game that was chosen and by the early s this formed had ousted all the others.

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Library and Archives Canada holds one of the richest collections of documents on curling in Canada, acquired from various regional, national, and international curling bodies.

In Bonspiel!, selections from these records are united under the theme of playing and enjoying the unofficial national sport of curling.

The first curling clubs appeared in Scotland, with the Grand Caledonian Curling Club, formed inbeing responsible for formulating the first official rules of the sport. The Club was renamed the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in THE ORIGIN OF THE GRAND CLUB.

HE history of curling, from the end of the period with which the last chapter deals till the present time, is very much the history of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club: and as this club began its career soon after Her Most Gracious Majesty's accession to the throne, its history may be called the Victorian era of the game.

The origins of curling and the role of the grand caledonian curling club
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