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Acknowledgement, agreement, support, endorsement When paraphrasing, one needs to Actively listen, and repeat the key ideas back to the speaker One reason to use "I language" is: Course may be repeated for a maximum of six hours. Work must be done on campus, under supervision of a working professional, and in consultation with a faculty member.

Introduction to Audiovisual Media Practices 4 This upper-level undergraduate course is required as the gateway to all future media production courses.

Communication (COMM)

Interpersonal sensitivity, communication skills, and ethical values within organizations are also examined. What are rights and where do they come from.

Independent study of published research and reports relating to a specific topic in communication.

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In this course, we will focus on the flows between the U. Students will study both theories of interpretation in the conventional sense and theories about the act of interpreting. Emphasis upon communication problems in organizations, strategies for overcoming such problems, and the design of effective communication systems in organizational settings.

Policy issues are regularly incorporated into readings and discussions. Rights, privileges, and obligations of the press.

2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Communication Law and Policy 4 This course examines the legal and policy framework for free speech in the United States. Approaches include hands-on play and reading material from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. We examine film, music, publishing, focusing on how production is organized, what kind of working conditions arise, how products are distributed.

Problems of translation across cultures. Stereotyping, diversity in media ownership and content, hate speech, and other topics with implications for the health of citizens individually and as a people may also be covered.

Each instructor must distribute a course syllabus on the first day of class. Introduction to Digital Filmmaking Units: Projects require an individually tailored independent study syllabus structured by the adviser with must be approved by the department head and school dean prior to enrollment.

The B.A. major in Communication offers a broad-based study of all forms of communication within a liberal arts context. It is designed to prepare students for careers in corporate communication, law, print CASCASCOMMCOMMCOMMCOMMCOMMor COMM COMM or COMM CAS or CAS CAS or COMM.

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on StudyBlue. When we propose a predicted consequence (C) of a hypothesis (H), we have the conditional: If H then C.

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Comm 110 study
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